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International editing

English is used the world over; it has become the language of business, politics and academia. Non-native speakers choose to write their reports, articles and correspondence in English to make sure that their message reaches a larger audience and has a greater impact.

Watson Editorial's specialist services are designed to give you peace of mind. We check your text for clarity, correctness and consistency, so that you can be sure that your text is free from errors and reads well in English.

We have a wealth of experience editing documents written by non-native speakers, from European Parliament documents to brochures and dissertations. See what previous clients have to say about our editorial services.


Business communication & PR

Clear, engaging copy is key when it comes to communicating with clients and the public. Whether it’s an informative stakeholder report or eye-catching brochure, Watson Editorial ensures that your copy is engaging, consistent and error-free.

We offer flexible services to communication agencies; from scribing at events, to proofreading reports and brochures. We make sure that our package is tailored to your needs.


Educational publishing

Watson Editorial offers editorial project management, copy editing and proofreading services for the educational publishing industry. Our specialist fields include modern foreign languages (MFL), English Language Teaching (ELT) and humanities. 


Editorial project management
Every publishing project has its own complex requirements. A well-organised project manager is key to delivering projects on time and within budget. With her experience managing multi-component titles, Abby's strong communication skills, organisation and proactive approach will ensure that your project runs smoothly.


Copy editing and proofreading

Watson Editorial provides high-quality copy editing and proofreading services for primary and secondary material. Mark up can be carried out in Word or PDF.


Recent clients include:

  • Pearson

  • Surrigo

  • Out of House Publishing


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