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Christmas Countdown – Number 1!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

The Christmas presents have been unwrapped, the chocolate is already disappearing and the house is silent as everyone reads / assembles / tries on / installs their gifts. Merry Christmas everyone!

And, one day late, here is my number 1 Luxembourg experience so far; something that has defined my last month in Luxembourg, and is very fitting for a Christmas day post: the Christmas markets!

Trier, Germany


So much food was consumed; Spaetzle, Gluhwein, crepes, tartes flambées, sausages, the list goes on… The Luxembourg market had live performances every evening, ranging from choirs to bands, and seemed like *the* place to be on a Friday night! It was always packed, and spread over the city. I’m gong to miss it in January! 

Best wishes for 2015!

Abby x

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