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Christmas Countdown – Number 5

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

This was probably one of my favourite days out in Luxembourg, and again, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. A large groups of trainees decided to attend the nut festival in Vianden. I was keen to visit the town, which is famous for its castle:


but there was one thing that played on my mind: I don’t even like nuts that much. I mean, sure, they make a great snack every so often. But chestnuts roasting on an open fire just aren’t my thing. Would I be accepted at this festival, dedicated exclusively to nuts? Would I be welcome among the die-hard nut fans who would undoubtedly attend? Would they even let me, someone who would normally go for a non nut based snack, into the town?

You will be relieved to learn that these fears proved unfounded. I was welcomed as one of their own, and was faced with more than enough culinary options to meet the needs of non-nut eaters like me – sausages, crepes, soups, dumplings. My eyes were also opened to a whole new world of nut-based products – nut liquors, nut sausages…. there was so much more to nuts than I had originally realised.


So, I would really recommend a visit to this festival. You do have to fight through the crowds of nut fans that attend, but the stands are spread throughout the medieval town and there is live music all day. Vianden castle is beautiful, and it is hosting a fantastic Dali exhibition at the moment (although you’d have to get there fast since it closes at the end of December).

In other news, it’s only five days to go till Christmas and two days until I fly home to see my family and friends! Bon voyage to everyone else preparing to travel home to see their loved ones 🙂

Abby x

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