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Settling in

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Moving to another country now seems like a routine process; the suitcase-dragging through airports and streets, getting used to communicating in another language (French, in this case), arriving at my new home, unpacking, finding out what I’ve forgotten in England… Thankfully, this stage is now over and done with. I have unpacked, completed most of the mundane tasks required of me (setting up a bank account, filling in forms, signing forms, signing even more forms…) and can now look forward to settling in and getting into a routine. 

The historical Grund quarter of Luxembourg City

I am renting a room in a residence for young interns and workers. The house is modern and the rent is all-inclusive, meaning I don’t have to go through the hassle of buying a duvet, kitchen equipment etc., or worry about internet or heating bills. Most of my housemates are French, and everyone is friendly and sociable, which, as my South Tyrol experiences taught me, is the most important thing! Unfortunately my room is right next to the kitchen/living area, and the thin walls and laminate floors mean that there is absolutely no sound proofing. So lack of sleep has made this – already busy – week extremely tiring, even with earplugs (which are amazing, I need to order in bulk!)


This weekend has provided a bit of a lull in the chaos of starting a new job and meeting new people, giving me the opportunity to settle in and get to know some of my housemates. Today I have been getting organised, tidying my room, doing laundry and enjoying the calm after a busy week! 

I haven’t explored much of Luxembourg yet, but I hope to update you soon about the city (it’s so tiny… can it really be a city?!) and life as a translation trainee in a European Institution! Thanks for reading 🙂

Abby x

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